Leave Repairs to an Experienced Team

Count on us for minor collision repairs in Amarillo, TX

Minor fender benders may not be the end of the world, but they are inconvenient. If you're involved in a minor collision, bring your car to Perfection Auto Hail Repair in Amarillo, TX. We handle minor collision repairs of all types. You can trust our local team to manage your repairs and get your car back into it's original shape.

Don't let a fender bender leave your car damaged. Contact us now for minor collision repair services.

Why should you choose our team?

A dent on your bumper or a bump on your hood is an eyesore that you want to get repaired. It's best to work with us for minor collision repair services because:

  • We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • We accept all types of insurance
  • We accept cash

Whether your insurance is footing the bill, or you're paying out of pocket, we'll work with you to resolve your repair work. Visit us today for minor collision repairs.